→Land Reforms, a concept and a contemplation of means and measures for remedy and redress the troubles and tribulations the agrarian society suffers due to the skewed nature of distribution of land, based on determined and decisive replanning of the Land Tenure System with the authority of the Government.

→The Concept has been nurtured in the congenial legislative paving pediment for removal of the structural anomalies in the agrarian society introducing a publicly controlled change in the land ownership to correct the skewed pattern of land tenure system with the elimination of the intermediary interests on land and ensure the security of tenure of the actual tiller of the soil.

→The Perception provided with legislative infrastructure for elimination of intermediary interest, imposition of ceiling on land holding, distribution of ceiling surplus land to the landless or near landless, safeguarding the right of share-cropper, prevention of alienation of tribal land, periodical updating of land records, etc., has proved potency for bringing about a material change.

→The Outlook encompass the peasants’ organisation and the Panchayet availed the prospect towards the desired destination as they organized the rural folk, disseminated information on their rights and obligations, identified the target group and also devised supplementary schemes such as provisions of Institutional Finance to Allottees of Vested Land and Share–Croppers, leading the true tiller of land to cultivate their land for sustenance, attempt to generate surplus and thereby to contribute their mite to the national economy.